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Our Pillars

Pillar One: Inclusive Youth Participation

We represent youth as heterogeneous groups with varying needs and demands. The Consortium will also Advocate laws, policies and programs that protect the rights of young people, recognize diversity within this age-group, and enable them to overcome barriers to essential services.

Pillar two: Creating a Safe Space for Youth

We aim to play a major role in expanding and protecting civic spaces by bringing youth and women into the political sphere and mobilizing a range of popular voices to address governments on issues of interest.

Core Values

Our Activities

Shared Research

Elections observation

Policy Dialogue to change political narratives

Building regional networks and cross-border collaboration

Amplifying youth voices and agenda

Legislative engagement


Strengthening and facilitating existing networks

Our Timeline

Desk review

Partners formed a special task force consisting of 12 members who were tasked with reviewing 50 documents and writing a special report to inform the rest of the team.

Youth Consultations

Partners designed and deployed a specialized online survey that was distributed across all regions in Tanzania in collaboration with the ACTIVISTA Youth Network.

Co-creation Workshop

Partners conducted a 4-days co-creation workshop for writing the first draft of the 2020-2025 Tanzania Youth Manifesto at Stella Maris Hotel, Bagamoyo, Pwani.

Validation Meeting

8th of August 2020 a total of 60 youths from a variety of backgrounds (media, CSOs, Politicians, Students) were called to validate the draft manifesto at DLab, Dar es Salaam.

The Official Launch of the 2020-2025 Tanzania Youth Manifesto

17th-19th of August 2020  at Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam.

We are always waiting for your helping hands, human service is the greatest religion

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