Consortium Members

  • United Nations Association (UNA)

    UNA is one of the oldest Civil Society Organizations in the country registered in 1964. The organization is entirely devoted to supporting the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, promoting public awareness and understanding of the activities of the United Nations and its agencies. Moreover, it strives for the recognition of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout Tanzania and the World. Our mission is to carry out capacity building, education, advocacy, lobbying and activism activities to increase stakeholders’ influence and participation in implementing the UN agenda in Tanzania. We envision a strong peoples’ movement in support of ideas, principles and purposes of the United Nations in Tanzania.

  • Poverty Free and Empowerment Community Foundation (PFECF)

    PFECF is Non-Government Organization, founded in 2016 and got registration in 2016 with registration number 00NGO/0008827 of Non-Government Organization Act No. 24 of 2002. Our vision is to see a society with peace, love and human right socially and economically respectively. Our mission is to motivate and educate society to be free in economic through natural resources surround their environment, society with responsible and accountable leadership, human right, gender equality and equity, quality in sports, health and education.

  • Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC)

    Established in 2002, TYC is a non-government organization focused on making the voices of the youth heard in all policy platforms. We facilitate information dissemination, sharing and exchange, policy analysis, lobbying, and advocacy to carry on our mission. Today, we are a consortium of more than 120 youth NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), 249 Youth Enterprise Groups (YEG), and hundreds of youth individuals in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.  We work on capacity building and raising awareness of youth-related policies.

  • Open Youth Opportunities (OYO)

    Open Youth Opportunities Organization (OYO) is a Non-Government Organization founded in December 2017 and got registration in July 2019 with registration number 00NGO/R/0171, of Non-Government Organization Act No. 24 of 2002. OYO is an entity that has been established to conduct programs that aim to support youth on entrepreneurship, employability skills, opportunities for capacity building, health, Gender-Based Violence and Leadership skills.

  • Bridge for Change

    We are a youth-led NGO operating in mainland Tanzania under registration number 00NGO/08163. Our vision is to see a world where empowered and fully employed young Tanzanians are highly productive, healthy, and happy: a source of strength and resilience for all society. We believe IF young Tanzanians can access quality information, develop self-awareness, and envision personal and community goals, AND IF young Tanzanians are provided with guidance and advice to acquire critical skills to develop their own agenda as a group, THEN empowered Tanzanian young people will be a productive ve driver for society bringing solutions to social-political challenges in their communities.

  • Youth Partnership Countrywide (YPC)

    YPC is a youth-focused civil society organization established in 2002 in Kibaha in the Coastal region. It was originally incorporated under CAP 212 on 27th January 2003 and currently registered under the NGOs Act 2002 with registration number ooNGO/R2/000390 as a, not for profit organization. YPC exists to build the capabilities of young men and women so that they can spearhead the civic and socio-economic regeneration of their communities through partnership building and networking, dialogue and advocacy, training exposure and voluntary activities.

  • Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges (ZAFAYCO)

    ZAFAYCO is a youth-led and a youth-serving non-governmental organization operating in Zanzibar, registered in 2011 under Business Entities Registration Act No. 12 of 2012 with the registration number Z0000012796. It has 9 years working experience in the areas of youth civic engagement, economic empowerment, health and environmental sustainability. ZAFAYCO’s mission is dedicated towards promoting young people through awareness raising, capacity building and networking programs which are youth-centered, environmentally friendly and development-oriented.

  • The Youth of United Nations Association Tanzania (YUNA)

    YUNA was registered in 2005 but was first established in 1996 by a group of dynamic young people as a youth section of UNA Tanzania. YUNA has since grown to have membership in schools and universities across the country; with over 35,000 members in Secondary Schools through 200 UN Clubs and 35 UN Chapters in Universities. Among the most important part of the organization’s activities is the organizing of Model United Nations General Assemblies that has proven to be an important learning platform for young people, to exercise diplomacy, negotiation and implement a nation’s international policy and development position – much akin to the work done by the United Nations General Assembly and its committees.

  • Africa Youth Transformation (AYT)

    Africa Youth Transformation (AYT) is a youth-led organization, non-partisan, not for profit, non-governmental [NGO], with a registration number [00NGO/R/0180] to work as a Non-Governmental Organization. The organization was formed to fill a gap and advocate for youth involvement in their concerned social-economical as well as political welfare across the region and geographic needs for future monitoring, prediction, planning and information.

  • Tanzania Bora Initiative ( TBI)

    TBI is a multimedia youth-led organization that partners with youth innovations, empower gender equality, promote youth voices, advance youth opportunities and recognize youth leadership. TBI influences good governance and promotes Youth social-economic transformation in Tanzania by providing capacity building for youth in leadership and livelihood. TBI also champions advocacy with government, regional and international governing institutions on frameworks that support youth well being.

  • Agenda Participation Initiative (API)

    Agenda Participation Initiative (API) is a Non-governmental advocacy and capacity building entity registered in Tanzania. It works to promote and empower broad active participation and engagement of citizens in the development agenda.

  • Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA)

    Tanzania Youth Vision Association [TYVA] is a youth-led, non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental and membership-based organization with a significant poll of more than 500+ youth members of the Association across the country participating and impacted from our youth-focused projects on governance, accountability and civic engagement. TYVA’s vision since its formation has been “to see a free, just, democratic and peaceful society, in which there is an active and effective youth participation.”

  • Restless Development

    A youth-led development agency championing the rights of youth on a global scale, putting the youth at the forefront of change and development by unleashing youth leadership as an agent of change in its own right. We aim to solve the most urgent problems facing youth generations through a smart tested model which shifts power to the heart of communities and recognize that change only happens when individuals not only deliver work in their communities but also influence and inform society.


Opportunities for Collaboration

Shared ResearchThe Consortium is a common platform which facilitates the greater sharing among members around specific research approaches and tools. These could include writing joint reports on youth participation in the general elections.

Joint fundraising/Resource mobilizationThe members of the consortium write joint proposals for various initiatives and outreaches that aim to create a friendly environment for the socio-economic transformation of Tanzanian youth.

Resource sharingThe members of the consortium are able to map their available resources and expertise in efforts to expand their impact and fill gaps around the challenges that youth face in the Tanzania political and civic context.

Capacity BuildingThe consortium acts as a shared platform for a new generation of young leaders and the associated capacity building. This would include exchange programs among members, seminars and webinars to enable the transfer of expertise in research, project management, budget reporting and monitoring.

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